My story

I’ve discovered what I’m good at boost your business and I want to pass on my know-how to help you as well.

My path to my own entrepreneurship boost your business has led me through sales and marketing companies, to whom I owe all the necessary knowledge and experience. Later, when I was thinking about how to use this, it quickly became clear to me. I want to help everyone who is new to marketing, as well as those who are stuck in a blind alley or just need the certainty that they are moving in the right direction.


Your goals

Each client has individual needs and requirements. It is therefore necessary to choose different strategies relevant to the client in order to reach their set goal.

Which category of clients do you belong to right now?


1. Marketing start

We are at the very beginning and we need some advice on everything - what to set up, how to use social networks, SEO, articles, and videos. We need to reach our first customers and we don't know where to start.

Solution 1

You are a marketing beginner, and you need a push in the right direction. Everyone has to start out somewhere and I'm no exception. That's why we know what it's like to have everything set up and calculated correctly. We will show you the best way to get online and how to proceed correctly – first with our help, and after a few months you will be able to manage everything completely independently.

2. Stuck in a blind alley

Our business is working just fine, but advertising has stopped paying off. New orders are not coming in - and an external consultant did not help much either. We need to eliminate the shortcomings that prevent us from succeeding.

Solution 2

Marketing is a process of carefully thought-out steps that should lead to desired - but always realistically set - goals. Investing in advertising (whether through search engines or social networks) is the right step, but it must be part of a marketing mix that works with the target customer and their decision-making cycle. Ill-conceived advertising costs a lot of money but doesn’t bring any results. Don't waste your time or budget on ineffective advertising. We will perform an analysis of the current situation and propose a solution that will lead you to your set goals.

3. Well on their way

Everything is going well for us; we just need feedback on existing marketing activities and business processes. The customer comes first. We want him to feel satisfied and perceive our added value.

Solution 3

The services market is constantly evolving. What was true in marketing and business a year ago may no longer be true today. That is why it is important to bear in mind that ‘there is no time for complacency’, to keep moving forward, and maintain the necessary verve. Sustainability, innovation, automation, business processes, product strategy, and working with people - these will be our main topics. We will be happy to carry out mystery shopping for you, consumer research, benchmarking or guided brainstorming with your team members.

Our services

Together with our team of experienced marketers, we can help you boost your business and identify your realistic online goals. We will find your target group on social networks, increase your website’s visibility for users and search engines, and last but not least, create the type of emails that your clients really want to read.


Social Media strategies

Based on the initial analysis, we will recommend the best strategy for gaining new customers

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Social media management is the process of creating, publishing, and analyzing content you post on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as strategy is a plan of how to maximise engagement and interactions across social media to achieve a company’s objective.


Administration of social media

We will take care of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can use a chatbot on your messenger.

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Social media advertising is an offshoot of digital marketing where paid ad campaigns are run on social media platforms to reach target audiences. Marketers and advertisers can promote their brands and inspire sales through the social channels that users frequently use.
26% of users who click on Facebook ads end up buying the advertised product.
7 million+ businesses use Facebook for advertising.
These stats provide a clear picture of how integral advertising has become for organizations to grow their business.


Email marketing

Let us set up the collection and segmentation of contacts and automatic e-mails that will lead your contacts to purchase.

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Email marketing is a way to promote products or services through email while developing relationships with potential customers or clients.
Email marketing can include newsletters with updates on the company, or promotions of sales and exclusive deals for subscribers.



Optimizing your site for search engine keywords is very important. Our team of experts can help you with that.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In business and marketing, SEO is the practice of improving your online visibility in organic search results to increase the quantity and quality of your website traffic.
With a well-optimized site and competitive SEO strategy, your business can earn a top spot in search results,which can range from Google to Bing. You’re optimizing your site for not only search engines though, but for people too.



You need a professional website that will convince your customer that they should choose you.

Web development is the process of building and maintaining a website for the Internet.Web developers build websites by coding using different programming languages. These languages consist of unique vocabularies, syntax and commands that define the visual representation and functionality of websites. Which language is used for development depends on the platform, operating system or style of the website.
Some of the most common coding languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python.



ideal for start-up and businnesses that need build awarennes and trust.
£ 1199 Monthly
Start up


ideal for small businnesses that want to take their businesses to next level.
£ 2799 Monthly
Next level


ideal for businesses that are ready to amp up volume and transform their business.
£ 4999 Monthly
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